• Smellgone For Pets

    Smellgone works with nature, not against it, to remove odours safely and provide ongoing odour control.
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  • Wastewater Treatment

    Smellgone uses ecologically based systems to process waste and control waste processes, in particular to control undesirable odours.
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  • Other Odours

    Smells come in wide range of types and severity! There is sometimes a fine line between what is considered a pleasant or neutral odour and an unbearable one.
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Smellgone Christmas 2019 & New Year 2020

Christmas 2019 :)

We'll be working on transitioning over to our new web site and shop, over the Christmas New Year break. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW THE PRODUCTS BUT NOT PURCHASE THEM DIRECTLY THROUGH THE SHOP. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER PRODUCT DURING THIS TIME PLEASE EMAIL US YOUR REQUEST and we can email or phone you back to complete your order. Please don't send your credit card details via email, emails are not secure :(

We'll get your order out to you as soon as the Post Office is open again during the Christmas/New Year Break. Postal deliveries may be delayed, so please be patient. As usual, we'll let you know via email when your order is on its way to you.

In the mean time we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and rest assured that we're ready to continue to help you control smells whether they are due to a pet 'accident', a smelly drain, bathroom, rubbish bin or something else. Our organically based and environmentally safe range of odour control products do what our name says, Smell Gone :)

Smellgone Odour Control Spray

Odour Control Spray, available as a ready to use spray in a convenient 500 ml trigger spray bottle or as a 500 ml (or larger) bottle of Concentrate if you have a large area to treat. Odour Control Spray is best for new or occasional odours from cats, dogs and other pets.  It is also good for your rubbish bin or in your bathroom :)

SG Rapid FlashSmellgone Rapid is the best choice for intense, old, established or repeated odour problems such as the area of artificial turf your dog uses as a toilet.  Smellgone Rapid is available as small 125 ml and 250 ml ready to use mist sprays, (handy for the car), as a 500 ml ready to use trigger spray or as a 1 litre (or larger) bottle of Concentrate.  First clean up any solid material and if the area is dry give it a light watering with the garden hose, just to dampen. Then apply Smellgone Rapid at the rate of 1 litre of made-up spray per 5m2 of area.  A 1 litre bottle of concentrate will make 11 litres of spray (diluted 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water), enough for an area of 55m2.  A pump-up garden sprayer is useful for larger areas.

OC Powder blue bg low res

Odour Control Powder is excellent for controlling cat litter tray odours, no matter which litter tray material (eg clay, lucerne, recycled paper/woodchip, or even crystals) you use or you cat prefers, just add a handful of Powder to 2 litres of litter tray material each time you clean the tray.  



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  • Cat Odours

    Problems and Solutions Smelly Cat Litter Tray? Simply add a handful of Smellgone Odour Control Powder to your normal cat
  • Dog Odours

    Problems and Solutions Doggy Smell in Carpets, Furnishings, Cars Spray the effected area with Smellgone Rapid, it is only necessary
  • Dead Rat or Mouse

    Dead Rat or Mouse in Roof, Wall or Air Conditioner Etc This is unfortunately quite a common problem and occurs
  • Wastewater Smells

    HOUSEHOLD DRAIN & WASTEWATER SMELLS Odours related to drains, toilets, septic tanks, grease traps, greywater tanks, wastewater treatment systems Shower, Laundry,
  • Grease Traps

    Problems and Solutions Remove Grease Trap Smells Fast! GT Treat is Smellgone's grease trap additive and is available as a
  • Small Animals

    Rats, Mice, Rabbits, Cavies, & Ferrets Some of our smallest pets can also be the smelliest! Not any more! Smellgone Odour
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    Cat Litter Tray Smells June 2011 via Email Basically, I've tried every kitty litter on the market, AND tried all
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Can't find the source of that bad smell? Sometimes, no matter how hard you look and how much you clean, you just can't find where that smell is coming from.

PLUG IN  Now we can fix that problem for you with our new Plug-in Ozone Generator. BUY NOW

Ozone is nature's super-oxidizer and is that fresh smell you notice after a vigorous thunderstorm. Ozone is a super-oxygenated form of oxygen made up of 3 oxygen atoms O3, not just the regular 2, O2. The extra Oxygen atom is what destroys the bad smells, and leaves no nasty residues.  

Use our plug-in Ozone Generator wherever there is a 'hidden' smell such as a dead rat or mouse in the ceiling or wall cavity which you can't get at to remove or where you can't get some of our Smellgone spray or powder on or near it. Just plug in the Ozone Generator in the affected room and let natures' super oxidizer do the hard work instead.

The Plug-in Ozone Generator is also useful in locker rooms, cellars, basements where rubbish is collected or stored, grease trap areas, wet/damp storage rooms in fact anywhere obnoxious smells linger.

The Ozone Generator features an on/off button and a built in timer (both with indicator lights) so that you can't overdo the treatment.  However, becuase ozone can be toxic at high concentrations you should not use the Ozone Generator in small enclosed spaces where people are working, playing or sleeping.  Ensure the room is well ventilated and turn off and unplug the unit before going to sleep if you are for instance using it in a bedroom. See our MSDS Safety sheet for further details. The Ozone Generator is suitable for use in rooms from 8 to 90 cubic metres which in a typical dwelling or office with 2.4 m high walls would be a floor area of from 3.3 (a storage cupboard) to 37.5 square metres (a typical lounge or living room).

Note 1: The Plug-in Ozone Generator is designed for Domestic use and has a 6 month warranty. For Commercial use, including but not limited to motels, hotels, waste facilties, cat/dog boarding facilities, the Plug-in Ozone Generator carries a 3 month warranty. In commercial situations the unit is more likely to be used on a continuous basis as compared to domestic situations.

Note 2: The Plug-in Ozone Generator has no user serviceable parts and does not require any periodic maintenance other than to keep the air/heat vents (top, bottom and rear) clear of any dust/debris.