Dead Rat or Mouse in Roof, Wall or Air Conditioner Etc

This is unfortunately quite a common problem and occurs when rat and mouse baits have been laid and the rat or mouse dies inside the wall or roof cavity or other difficult to reach places. If you can get to the effected area and remove the remains then so much the better. Next best is if you can get close to the affected area to apply the powder or spray, otherwise the next best approach is as follows:

We have two products which are effective against 'dead rat' smells. Our Odour Control Powder is very good if you are able to sprinkle it in the area of or near to the dead rat. As a guide 1 litre is suitable to treat an area of 4 m2.

If you can't get anywhere near the affected area then the other option is to spray with Smellgone Rapid. This comes in 125 ml and 250 ml mist spray bottles, but again you need to be able to get reasonably close to the affected area up in the roof. We can supply it in larger packs, 1 litre of Smellgone Rapid Concentrate, which will make up 11 litres of spray when diluted with 10 litres of water.

Note: if you are planning to spray in or near an air conditioner or other electrical appliance switch off or preferably unplug the electrical appliance before spraying and allow all moisture to dry before plugging in and switching it on again.

That way you can spray a larger area from a distance. You can use any type of pump action garden sprayer or even better an electric spray unit. Applying the powder or spray in the roof cavity will provide relief fairly quickly but may have to be repeated daily (upto 5 days) depending on the severity of the problem and how close you can get to the effected area.

If  access to the effected roof or wall area is difficult we have a solution for that as well. Our plug-in ozone generator is excellent at neutralising and controlling odours in rooms where you can't remove the animal remains or where you can't get our spray or powder on or close to the source of the problem.  Instead, just plug it in and let the power of ozone deal with the smell. 

All these products are available in our shop, see 'Other Odours'.

Read a customer testamonial on the effectiveness of Smellgone products in removing dead rat smells.

"I am writing to provide feedback for the products I purchased online last week. After purchasing the products and being emailed to advise my order had been posted, I had the good fortune of some email correspondence with Robert Swindlehurst advising me about the products and their correct usage.

On receipt of the products I have used the Smellgone Rapid spray and the Odour Control Powder both with very pleasing results. The odour I was trying to eliminate was that left by a dead rat carcase that was removed and a possible further dead carcase located in a cavity wall. I used the spray intermittently over 48 hours and found it to be quite effective and pleasant. I used the powder more fitfully by spreading it around the skirting boards of the effected walls and, where possible, placing inside the cavity wall. For the first 12 hours I could smell both the powder and the remaining odour of the carcase. After the initial period, I couldn't smell either. I have found the powder to be very effective. I do not have children or pets but live in a very old style unit that used to have carpets but now has floorboards, so the gaps between the floorboards and the skirting boards are at least 1cm in thickness. Due to there being no possibility that the powder could be harmful (by ingestion), I went as far as to line the areas of the skirting boards in my kitchen with the intention of sweeping it up after a period of 7 days.

While I continued to use the Smellgone Rapid spray in the initial 48 hours, once I used the powder more widely and found the odour to have evaporated, I haven't had to use the spray. I would recommend these products to anyone trying expel the smell of odours. In particular, the powder. Again, in my individual case, it was the easiest."

Customer, Clovelly NSW, June 2009