Problems and Solutions

Remove Grease Trap Smells Fast!

  • GT Treat is Smellgone's grease trap additive and is available as a liquid, powder or slow dissolving tablet.
  • GT Treat is FAST!
  • GT Treat is used in commercial grease traps such as at restaurants, takeaway food providers, hotels, apartments and food courts and can be dosed manually via the kitchen drain or directly to the grease trap, either manually or by using our programmable dosing pump.
  • GT Treat is also used for domestic grease traps where it can be easily added via the kitchen sink drain, no need to open the grease trap covers!
  • GT Treat uses selected bacteria that actually 'eat up' grease, fats and oils. All that is produced is water, carbon dioxide and more grease and fat munching bacteria. Other grease trap additives only break up the fats, they don't digest them completely.
  • GT Treat controls odours, prevents and treats blockages due to accumulated fats and grease and reduces pumpout frequency, all this is done naturally with no harsh chemicals.

smellgone for grease traps smellgone for grease traps GT Treat liquid (in 1, 5, or 25 litre packs). GT Treat powder is a concentrated additive that is manually added directly to the grease trap and GT tablets provide a convenient once a month dose directly at the grease trap inlet.