Rats, Mice, Rabbits, Cavies, & Ferrets

Some of our smallest pets can also be the smelliest!

Not any more! Smellgone Odour Controlled Rat and Mouse Bedding is a new product specially developed to control the two most common problems encountered when keeping rats, mice and other small animals. The specially treated bedding contains ammonia munching ‘bugs’ that thrive on the wastes produced by rats, mice, guinea pigs etc. In addition the same bugs also eat up the organic compounds produced by male mice, rabbits, cavies and ferrets in particular, as part of their scent marking and reproduction activities.

The bedding material is available in a range of colours achieved through the use of non-toxic pigments, totally safe for your pet, you and the environment. Replace the bedding material when it becomes soiled or damp. The used bedding can be safely disposed of to your compost heap or rubbish bin.

smellgone for small animals smellgone for small animals