Hello, 4.5 litres of full cream milk spilt in the car soaking 2 of the carpeted footwells! Please can you suggest the most suitable of your products to clean and remove the sour odour that is left behind - I've tried a few things without success. Regards, Jill

Hello Jill, Yes we can treat this problem as we had a 3 litre bottle of milk left behind from the weekly shop in the boot of our car. It wasn't until the bottle swelled and burst some days later that we found the problem.

The best approach is:

  1. After cleaning up as much of the mess as you can (which I presume you have long since done) and sponging the area with water and allowing it to dry, the next steps are as follows:
  2. Spray the effected areas with Smellgone Rapid, just enough to dampen it.
  3. Then scatter Odour Control Powder over the dampened area at the rate of 1 cupful per square metre of carpet.
  4. Lightly rub the powder in to the carpet pile. If you can see any dryish areas, light;ly spray with Smellgone Rapid again, just to dampen.
  5. Leave the car doors open and allow the carpet to dry out thoroughly.
  6. The next day, for instance, spray over the powder again, with Smellgone Rapid, just to dampen.
  7. Allow to dry again and then vacuum up the powder.
  8. This may be enough for the good bacteria in our spray and powder to 'eat up' the residues.
  9. However, you may need to repeat the treatment another 1-2 times. In our car boot it took 3 treatments in all as the spilt milk had fermented and although the worst of the smell went with the first treatment, a fainter odour would become apparent on a hot day (we are in Brisbane). 

I suggest that you buy either a 500 ml trigger spray bottle of ready to use Smellgone Rapid or a 1 litre bottle of Smellgone Rapid concentrate (makes 11 litres of spray) along with a 1 litre pack of Odour Control Powder.
Kind Regards, Robert