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Microbial Seeding Solution

Microbial Seeding Solution, use at the rate of 100 ml per litre of water and spray this 1 litre of solution onto 1 cubic metre of compost material at the start of the compost making and at the turning of the compost heap. Maintains active composting processes.

$10.01 Ex Tax: $9.10

GT Treat (Liquid)

Smellgone's grease trap additive is available as a liquid or powder. GT Treat uses selected bacteria that actually 'eat up' grease, fats and oils.

$25.41 Ex Tax: $23.10

Plug-in Ozone Generator

Use our Plug-in Ozone Generator where there are hidden, hard to get at or concealed smells.

$178.75 Ex Tax: $162.50