Wastewater Products

Wastewater Products

Products for treating smells due to drains, grease traps, septic tanks, toilets, greywater tanks, caravan holding tanks, wastewater treatment systems both domestic and commercial

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Odour Control Concentrate

Smellgone Odour Control Concentrate. Use for control of odours such as those due to animal urine, faeces, vomit, and general animal odour.

$39.05 Ex Tax: $35.50

Odour Control Powder

Odour Control Powder is a concentrated additive used to control strong odours.

$15.51 Ex Tax: $14.10

Smellgone Odour Control Spray

Smellgone Odour Control Spray, used for controlling odours caused by human and animal waste.

$18.48 Ex Tax: $16.80

Smellgone Rapid

Ready to use Smellgone Rapid spray for heavy duty odours such as smelly shoes, rubbish bins, tom cats, pet mice, and dead animals.

$9.02 Ex Tax: $8.20

Smellgone Rapid Concentrate

Use to control odours in extensive areas for smells such as cat urine, stud cats, dead rats, visiting possums, fruit bats/flying foxes.

$37.18 Ex Tax: $33.80

Spray Bottle 500 ml

A spare empty bottle for use when buying a bottle of concentrate if you don't have your own suitable spray bottle.

$3.52 Ex Tax: $3.20

Microbial Seeding Solution

Microbial Seeding Solution, use at the rate of 100 ml per litre of water and spray this 1 litre of solution onto 1 cubic metre of compost material at the start of the compost making and at the turning of the compost heap. Maintains active composting processes.

$10.01 Ex Tax: $9.10

CT Caravan Treat

Where a holding tank is used for more than 24 hours at a time, it is best to inoculate the tank itelf with our Caravan Treatment (CT) at the beginning of the use period and again after emptying it.

$12.21 Ex Tax: $11.10

Greywater Treatment

Greywater Treatment is an additive for your greywater holding tank or greywater treatment system. Our beneficial microbes eat up soap, grease and fat residues from your shower, laundry and kitchen wastewater.

$34.32 Ex Tax: $31.20

GT Treat (Liquid)

Smellgone's grease trap additive is available as a liquid or powder. GT Treat uses selected bacteria that actually 'eat up' grease, fats and oils.

$25.41 Ex Tax: $23.10

Wastewater Starter

Wastewater Starter contains our specially selected bacteria along with additional nutrients and trace elements that get your septic tank or treatment system off to a flying start.

$10.45 Ex Tax: $9.50